Welcome to the FlexPath Trial Course

FlexPath takes our unique competency-based approach, but removes pre-set deadlines, weekly discussions and the term-based academic calendar—giving you maximum flexibility to earn your degree on your terms.

What's the FlexPath courseroom like?

Before entering the courseroom, take a look at this brief introduction to better understand the unique tools and features you are about to experience. It’s a nongraded, noncredit-bearing way to take a tour of the online courseroom.

FlexPath Courseroom Overview

How does the course work?

What are assessments?

Every FlexPath course is built around a series of assessments designed to allow you to demonstrate certain competencies. Each assessment tells you what you are expected to produce and includes a scoring guide faculty will use to evaluate your efforts.

The type of assessments you’ll complete depends on your program. You might be asked to write reports, proposals, white papers and other written products common to the workplace, to create presentations, or to generate software programs. Take a look at the example assessments we provide once you get into the trial course room.

Assessments are the core of FlexPath. Most of your course time is spent evaluating what you need to learn, conducting research to explore and understand concepts, and completing assessments to show what you’ve learned.

How do I set my own deadlines?

You will begin every FlexPath course by specifying the dates you plan to submit each assessment. Your target dates establish a workable schedule to complete the course, providing a timeline you set to keep yourself accountable.

As you work through the course on your timeline, you can use suggested academic resources along with resources you select to fill in competency gaps and direct your own learning.

When you are ready, you complete an assessment and submit it to faculty for evaluation and feedback.

How is my performance evaluated?

Capella faculty are experts in their fields with extensive academic and professional experience. Instead of presenting lectures, they evaluate your submitted assessments against criteria in the assessment’s scoring guide, and provide robust, detailed feedback about what you have done well and where you can improve. In FlexPath, you can use that feedback to improve your work, and resubmit to your faculty for reevaluation.

With FlexPath, you get to decide whether you’re satisfied with how you’ve performed or want to try to bump it up a notch. FlexPath allows you to submit and resubmit assessments up to three times, to improve your work and achieve a higher performance level score.

There are no course letter grades such as A, B, C, D, or F in FlexPath, although we can translate your transcript into letter grades if needed. Instead, your academic performance is evaluated based on the level at which you demonstrate each individual course competency, with one of four possible performance levels: distinguished, proficient, basic, or non-performance.

When you have completed all of the course assessments and achieved the required performance level* on each course competency, you have completed the course and can move on to the next one in your academic plan without waiting.

As assessments are evaluated, your competency map will indicate your overall performance level for each competency within your degree program.

What is the tuition structure?

Given the non-term structure of FlexPath, Capella utilizes a subscription-based tuition structure, where instead of paying per credit, you pay a flat tuition rate every 12- weeks.* Take one or two courses at a time and complete as many as you want in 12 weeks. The faster you move, the more you save, and the sooner you graduate.

* Resource fee may also apply depending on program.

**Results vary. The typical MBA FlexPath student completes 1.3 courses per billing session.  Data as of December 2017.

Enter the FlexPath courseroom

Now that you have learned what to expect, it’s time for you to experience FlexPath for yourself!