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April 13, 2020, Addendum

The following specialization has been updated in the School of Business and TechnologyDoctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Business Management, General Business Management specialization

The following degree program and graduate certificate have been updated in the School of Counseling and Human Services: Master of Science (MS) in Marriage and Family Therapy degree program (previously Master of Science (MS) in Marriage and Family Counseling/Therapy), Systemic Couple and Family Therapy graduate certificate (previously Contemporary Theory in Couple and Family Systems graduate certificate)

Effective April 13, 2020, learners are no longer able to enroll in the following School of Nursing and Health Sciences certificates and pathway: Post-Master’s Certificate in Epidemiology; Graduate Certificates in Health Administration, Health Care Informatics, Health Care Leadership; and the BSN-to-DNP pathway

The following degree program has been updated in the Harold Abel School of PsychologyBachelor of Science (BS) in Psychology Pre-Counseling degree program

The following course descriptions have been added or updatedCOUN5004, COUN5107, COUN5616, MFT5008, MFT5106, MFT5107, MFT5108, MFT5222, MFT5226, MFT5232, MFT5270, MFT5271, MFT573, MFT5274, MFT5275, MFT5276, MFT5336, MFT5600, MFT5604, MFT5620, MFT5820, MFT5822, MFT5876, MFT6231, MFT6232, MFT6233, MFT6234, MFT5635, MFT-R5821, MFT-R5823, PSYC3210, PSYC3500, PSYC3520, PSYC4100, PSYC4310, PSYC4700, PSYC-FP3210, PSYC-FP3500, PSYC-FP3520, PSYC-FP4100, PSYC-FP4310, PSYC-FP4700

Dick Senese

Capella University President

A Message from the President

Welcome to Capella University

You may have initially selected Capella University because it offers the accredited program you seek, or because of its convenient 24/7 availability, or because it came highly recommended by a friend or family member. But we’ve found that after one course, our learners’ reasons for attending Capella University change. What our learners find in the courserooms is an active and engaging community of learners and faculty, in which learners are invited to contribute their own knowledge and experiences while benefitting from the perspectives of their peers. Our learners tell us that this interaction with world-class faculty and with fellow learners from around the globe not only builds their skills and capabilities, but inspires them to make a difference—in their own lives as well as in their work places and communities.

This catalog is a comprehensive resource that gives you a sense of the breadth and depth of Capella University. It contains detailed descriptions of our schools, programs, and courses, as well as helpful information about our learner-facing services, policies, and procedures.

What the catalog cannot adequately convey is the power of the learning experience you will find here. During your time at Capella you will build strong relationships with faculty, fellow learners, and advisors, and you will engage in an academic program that is more rigorous and rewarding than you can imagine.

I wish you the best of luck in your studies and for your future academic and professional success.

Thanks for joining us.

Best regards,
Dick Senese
Capella University President


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