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Doctor of Health Administration (DHA)

School of Business, Technology, and Health Care Administration

The Doctor of Health Administration (DHA) degree program is designed to develop and strengthen the knowledge, skills, and attitudes health care administrators need to lead in today’s complex and dynamic health care delivery environment. Learners focus on developing a strategic orientation to approaching health administration problems and issues, innovative thinking skills that produce effective solutions, and a results-oriented leadership style that is grounded in performance measurement and management. Throughout the program, learners apply evidence-based leadership and management strategies, analyze the challenges and opportunities associated with health policy development and implementation, and evaluate emerging trends and innovations in health administration. Building on these skills, learners conduct an action research project that is designed to improve the performance of a health care delivery system and contribute new information to the field. Upon successful completion of this degree program, learners are prepared to pursue advanced health administration leadership roles in academic, organizational, consulting, or policy-making settings.



General Health Administration

Health Care Leadership

Health Care Quality and Analytics

Health Policy and Advocacy