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MBA in Project Management

School of Business, Technology, and Health Care Administration

The MBA Project Management specialization aligns with the Project Management Institute’s (PMI®) global standards. This specialization introduces learners to fundamental project management theories, processes, and strategies and provides learners with the knowledge, skills, and experience to ensure project success. Learners focus on developing decision-making skills and the ability to reflect on the impact of their judgment in dynamic project situations. Upon successful completion of this specialization, learners are prepared to pursue advanced project management positions in global enterprises or entrepreneurial start-ups.

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Core courses:

MBA Leadership

This course covers contemporary models of leadership and examines behaviors and skills of effective leaders. Learners assess their own leadership strengths and how to lead effectively in their work settings. Learners also analyze ways in which leaders use their skills to support innovation, change, and collaboration within organizations. For MBA degree and certificate program learners and non-degree learners only. Must be taken during the first quarter by learners who have been admitted to the MBA degree program. Cannot be fulfilled by transfer or credit for prior learning.

4 quarter credits
MBA5006 *
Business Strategy

Learners in this course examine ways in which companies formulate and implement strategy to effectively compete in the marketplace. Learners apply strategic models and analysis to address competitive challenges. For MBA degree and certificate program learners and non-degree learners only. Prerequisite(s): Completion of or concurrent registration in MBA5002.

4 quarter credits
Applied Business Analytics

This course introduces learners to business analytics and its role in evidence-based decision making. Learners examine data and analytics techniques that create relevant, actionable, and meaningful information.  For MBA degree and certificate program learners and non-degree learners only.

4 quarter credits
Accounting Methods for Leaders

Learners in this course gain an understanding of how methods of financial and managerial accounting are used to analyze business performance and make evidence-based business decisions. Learners examine tax, ethical, and legal implications of accounting methods.  For MBA degree and certificate program learners and non-degree learners only.

4 quarter credits
MBA5014 *
Applied Managerial Finance

Learners in this course explore financial concepts and techniques required to evaluate, report, and maximize firm performance and value. Learners analyze environmental and market factors, goals, and constraints; and apply regulatory and ethical principles and business analytics skills to drive data-based decision making. For MBA degree and certificate program learners and non-degree learners only. Prerequisite(s): MBA5008, MBA5010.

4 quarter credits
MBA5016 *
Operations Management for Leaders

In this course, learners examine theories and models of business operations and their role in developing and delivering a superior product or service to the marketplace. Learners also apply business analytics skills and use data to evaluate strategic and tactical impact to business functions across the organization. For MBA degree and certificate program learners and non-degree learners only. Prerequisite(s): MBA5008.

4 quarter credits
Project Management Foundations

In this cross-disciplinary course, learners analyze the fundamentals of project management and gain an overview of project management standards and their applicability to managing projects, with an emphasis on management methodologies and frameworks, including those defined by the Project Management Institute (PMI®). Learners have the opportunity to participate in experiential learning by bringing in a workplace project, or they may use the project provided in the course. Learners cultivate effective project management leadership skills, including project politics and ethics and collaboration.

4 quarter credits

Specialization courses: 

PM5332 *
Project Management, Planning, Execution, and Control

This course covers the components of project management within the project planning, executing, monitoring, and controlling process groups. Learners identify project requirements and develop a project plan that considers project scope, time, and cost in managing competing project requirements. Learners also demonstrate the application of various project management tools including activity estimation, resource assignment, work breakdown structure (WBS) creation and the development of a project management schedule. Prerequisite(s): PM5018, or completion of or concurrent registration in PM5331. 

4 quarter credits
PM5333 *
Project Budgeting, Procurement, and Quality

Learners investigate project cost, quality, and procurement in business or information technology (IT) project context. Learners analyze the fundamental concepts and principles of the following project management knowledge areas: project cost management, project quality management, and project procurement management by demonstrating the application of tools, techniques, and methodologies within these areas of study. Learners apply various tools and techniques, in an integrative manner, to manage interdependencies among project management process groups. Prerequisite(s): PM5018, or completion of or concurrent registration in PM5332.

4 quarter credits
PM5334 *
Project Risk Assessment and Control

Learners in this course examine and demonstrate their knowledge of the components of project risk management including assessing project risk identification and mitigation strategies; evaluation of risk impact analysis methods; and evaluation of risk analysis techniques to ensure project success. Learners also assess project risk management certifications and professional development activities to identify future project risk management professional opportunities.  Prerequisite(s): PM5018, or completion of or concurrent registration in PM5333.

4 quarter credits

Taken during the learner’s final quarter: 

MBA5910 *
MBA Capstone Experience

In this course, learners integrate the knowledge and skills gained during the MBA program in an application-based business project. Learners demonstrate their overall ability to identify and recommend evidence-based solutions to business challenges and opportunities.  For MBA degree and certificate program learners and non-degree learners only.  Prerequisite(s): All required and elective coursework. Cannot be fulfilled by transfer or credit for prior learning.

5 quarter credits






At least 45 quarter credits

* Denotes courses that have prerequisite(s). Refer to the descriptions for further details.

Learners who do not complete all program requirements within quarter credit/program point minimums will be required to accrue such additional quarter credits/program points as are associated with any additional or repeat coursework necessary for successful completion of program requirements.

GuidedPath courses and FlexPath courses fulfill the program requirements and prerequisites for each delivery model. 


Multiple Specializations available  (must be within the same degree program)