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Human Resource Management Concentration

School of Public Service and Education

In the Human Resource Management (HRM) concentration, learners develop their knowledge of HRM and the skills necessary to implement strategic, innovative, and ethical human resource practices within organizations. Learners in this concentration expand their understanding of how organizations operate and change in order to remain competitive. Learners also examine operational needs related to effective employee utilization, motivation, and engagement as well as assess policies and practices that promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

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Four Required Courses


16 quarter credits

Issues and Innovations in Human Resource Management

In this course, learners examine and practice innovation, advocacy, organizational transformation, and change management. Learners investigate the foundational elements of human resource management and demonstrate their knowledge of current issues related to human resource management.

4 quarter credits
Employee Relations in Human Resource Management

Learners in this course develop the skills to effectively coach, mentor, and resolve conflict. Learners examine and apply the foundational elements and skills for human resource management development, intervention strategies, employee empowerment, and strategic change.

4 quarter credits
Labor and Employment Relations

In this course, learners analyze labor relations and issues in employment relations that involve sectors of union employees and non-union employees. Learners develop and implement resolution methods for labor and employment disputes, job analysis and evaluation, compensation, and benefits policy.

4 quarter credits
Human Resource Information Systems and Communications

Learners in this course analyze the principles of information systems and resources with an emphasis on communication. Learners investigate current information systems and how these can impact project management.

4 quarter credits




16 quarter credits