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Project Management Concentration

School of Public Service and Education

Learners in the Project Management concentration build their understanding of project management and balance theoretical knowledge with practical application to develop the skills needed to implement strategic and innovative project management functions within organizations. Learners expand and apply their knowledge of how projects are created, budgeted, managed, and completed. Learners also assess operational needs related to effective change management, quality control, and efficient processes required to execute complex projects and maintain cost-effective outcomes, while focusing on practices that determine milestones in the workplace.

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Four Required Courses


16 quarter credits

Project Management Framework

In this course, learners gain and demonstrate knowledge of project management roles, project scope, time management, and organizational structures. Learners assess various theories as well as communication and collaboration strategies. In addition, learners examine and apply the foundational elements of project management and identify current issues related to project management.

4 quarter credits
Project Management Principles and Practices

Learners in this course analyze project management within public administration, private sector organizations that provide public services, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies. Learners apply project management skills across varied sectors and demonstrate their understanding of project design, planning, and innovation.

4 quarter credits
Project Management Risks, Changes, and Challenges

In this course, learners develop their knowledge of project management roles as well as identify and prioritize project risks, communication and change management for project scope, and industry challenges.

4 quarter credits
Project Management Quality and Control

Learners in this course analyze quality assurance concepts, planning, control systems, and tools and techniques. Learners also apply their knowledge of the project management process and how it ensures effective communication and collaboration as well as high quality projects.

4 quarter credits




16 quarter credits