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Management and Leadership

Division of Arts and Sciences

In the Management and Leadership concentration, learners gain the knowledge and abilities needed to coordinate, implement, promote, supervise, and direct the activities of individuals, organizations, and businesses in order to effectively lead people and manage organizations. Learners also demonstrate the management, interpersonal, and professional thinking skills necessary to impact organizational effectiveness.

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Fundamentals of Management

In this course, learners examine the fundamental principles of management and the characteristics that make an effective manager. Learners then apply these principles in management decision-making roles of planner, organizer, controller, and communicator. Learners who have received credit for BUS3010 may not take BUS3011.

3 quarter credits
Fundamentals of Leadership

This course is an introduction to principles of leadership behavior and their application in business and community settings. Learners develop and demonstrate awareness of the characteristics, styles, and practices necessary for effective leadership. Learners who have received credit for BUS3010 may not take BUS3012.

3 quarter credits
BUS4012 *
Leadership in Organizations

In this course, learners create effective theories of leadership in the networked enterprise at different organizational levels and from different perspectives. Learners develop and demonstrate their knowledge of the skills that support personal characteristics of effective leaders, such as coaching strategies, personal integrity, trustworthiness, courage and generosity, and an ability to encourage others to participate in leadership. Prerequisite(s): BUS3010, or BUS3011 and BUS3012.

6 quarter credits
BUS4013 *
Organizational Structure, Learning, and Performance

Learners in this course analyze organizational structures and their influence on organizational intelligence, learning ability, and the practical performance of an enterprise. The course includes an emphasis on the adaptive and responsive organization and its relationship to enterprise stakeholders and environment. Learners evaluate a case study that illustrates the interrelatedness of organizational structure, learning, and performance in order to create a model of a high-performance organization. Prerequisite(s): BUS3010, or BUS3011 and BUS3012.

6 quarter credits






At least 18 quarter credits

* Denotes courses that have prerequisite(s). Refer to the descriptions for further details.

Learners who do not complete all program requirements within quarter credit/program point minimums will be required to accrue such additional quarter credits/program points as are associated with any additional or repeat coursework necessary for successful completion of program requirements.