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Division of Arts and Sciences

The Marketing concentration presents marketing fundamentals and emphasizes the 4 P’s of marketing: product, price, place, and promotion. The curriculum also addresses sales and channel processes, brand identity, and marketing and research communications approaches. The concentration is designed to prepare learners to effectively contribute to the planning and execution of marketing activities in organizations.

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Fundamentals of Marketing and Sales

Learners investigate the fundamentals of marketing and sales, including market research and planning, product differentiation and positioning, marketing communications, differences between consumer and business markets, and relational marketing and sales strategy. Learners demonstrate course competencies by preparing and presenting a marketing and sales plan and a corresponding marketing and sales strategy for a simple product offering.

6 quarter credits
BUS4030 *
Marketing Distribution Channel Management

In this course, learners develop and apply an understanding of how to create, manage, and optimize marketing distribution channels as an integrated process. Learners examine traditional and digital marketing distribution channels to gain knowledge of their strategic and operational functions within an organization. In addition, learners evaluate the importance of an optimized distribution channel to the success of a product or service, as well as prepare and present a distribution channel management plan for a product or service offering. Prerequisite(s): BUS3030.

6 quarter credits
BUS4033 *
Brand Identity and Marketing Communications

Learners in this course explore multiple forms of marketing communications media and messages, including word-of-mouth marketing and the Internet. Learners consider the communication-saturated nature of the marketplace and its practical significance in focusing brand identity and selecting marketing communications. Prerequisite(s): BUS3030.

6 quarter credits
BUS4036 *
Marketing Research

In this course, learners evaluate marketing research and examine the tools and techniques used to conduct real-world marketing research applicable to a variety of business situations. Learners analyze a potential market, conduct marketing research using both primary and secondary data, and interpret the results. Learners also explore ways to apply marketing research results to managerial decision making and identify prominent marketing research trends, such as the increased use of the Internet and other forms of technology. Prerequisite(s): BUS3030.

6 quarter credits






At least 24 quarter credits

* Denotes courses that have prerequisite(s). Refer to the descriptions for further details.

Learners who do not complete all program requirements within quarter credit/program point minimums will be required to accrue such additional quarter credits/program points as are associated with any additional or repeat coursework necessary for successful completion of program requirements.