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Course Descriptions

The following course list is correct as of the date this catalog was prepared. These descriptions indicate the general content and topics typically covered in the course. Capella University retains the right to withdraw, modify, or add courses to the existing list without prior notice.

The following courses may require live web conferencing activities and/or learner audio/video recordings. Learners who require assistive technology or alternative communication methods to participate in these activities should contact Disability Services to request accommodations.

Only learners enrolled in the BSN degree program may take BSN courses.

Only learners enrolled in the PhD in Counselor Education and Supervision degree program may take CES courses.

Only learners enrolled in the MS in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, MS in Marriage and Family Therapy, or MS in School Counseling degree programs or the Contemporary Theory in Addictive Behavior, Contemporary Theory in Mental Health Services, Contemporary Theory in School-Based Services, or Systemic Couple and Family Therapy graduate certificate programs may take COUN courses.

Only learners enrolled in the DNP degree program may take DNP courses.

Only learners enrolled in the MBA degree or non-degree programs, its associated certificate programs, and the FlexPath MS in Information Technology degree program may take MBA courses.