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Learner Services

For day-to-day needs, Capella’s learner support services are available online through Campus, via email, and through tollfree calls within the United States.

• Campus—Campus allows learners to access Capella’s services in one convenient place. Learners can register for courses, apply for financial assistance, view an unofficial transcript, and access a variety of other convenient resources. For questions or concerns regarding enrollment and registration, courses, access, financial aid, billing, or technical problems that are not answered on Campus, learner support associates are available to assist learners at 1.888.CAPELLA (227.3552) or

Academic coaches—Academic coaches help learners make a successful transition into their program and serve as an ongoing source of support throughout their education. Advisors communicate with learners on an ongoing basis, providing academic and personal strategies and support, clarifying university procedures, tracking and discussing academic progress, and providing information about any changes that may affect learners.

Academic Records—Learner Services and Operations maintains confidential, accurate academic records of learners as they progress through their program. Learners may request official transcripts and view and print their unofficial transcripts any time on Campus.

Effective April 1, 2022, Capella University learners can request an official transcript from Capella even if they have outstanding debts to the University.

Learners must submit a written request for release of their academic record to a third party. Unless otherwise specified, academic record information released to a third-party requestor includes any documents collected or created during the application process; documents or information related to academic program, including transcripts, test scores, grades, university advising records, financial aid information, and changes to enrollment status; and any official correspondence to or from a learner pertaining to his or her academic progress, advising, financial status, learning disability records, physical disability records, academic dishonesty records, and disciplinary and learner conduct records.

Academic Success Resources—Capella’s academic success resources help learners maximize their personal and professional potential by offering engaging opportunities through a variety of delivery modes, including math, computer, and general study skills modules; free academic tutoring; motivation and time management strategies; effective online learning and degree planning tools; and additional academic skills resources on topics such as critical thinking and reading, scholarly writing, and academic honesty. Learners can access these resources any time on Campus.

Alumni Association—Alumni benefit from networking opportunities, professional and career services, alumni grants, selected use of library resources, alumni newsletters and communications, and other opportunities to stay involved as a graduate of Capella University. More information on the Capella University Alumni Association can be found on Campus.

Career Center—Career Center services are designed to help learners successfully navigate the career planning and development process as they pursue and complete their degree. Although the Career Center does not guarantee employment upon degree completion or provide placement services, it provides career counseling, job search advising, and career management support to all Capella learners and alumni. Career Center staff interacts with learners via email and telephone to assist with career-related activities such as resume, CV, and cover letter development; interview preparation; effective job search strategy; and career advancement efforts. Career Center resources are helpful to learners in gathering occupational information and trends, accessing job postings, and viewing sample job search documents. For more information about these resources and services, visit the Career Center on Campus, and use the “Contact a Career Coach” email feature to connect with a counselor.

Disability Services—Capella University recognizes its obligations to accommodate the needs of learners with disabilities under the ADA Amendments Act of 2008, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990, and the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Capella is committed to providing reasonable accommodations to qualified learners with disabilities in university programs and activities. Additionally, many courses at Capella include required live web conferencing activities and/or learner audio/ video recordings. Learners who require assistive technology or alternative communication methods to participate in these activities should contact Disability Services to request accommodations. For more information, visit Disability Services on Campus or email

Enrollment Services—Capella University’s Enrollment Services team assists prospective learners from the point of initial inquiry through the application, admission, and enrollment phases. Call 1.888.CAPELLA (227.3552) for assistance.

Faculty and Mentors—Learners work with faculty and mentors who assist them during important phases of their program. Faculty and mentor biographies by school can be found on Campus.

Financial Aid—Financial Aid advisors help learners explore the options available for financing their education. Capella’s online financial aid resources provide learners with information about federal loans, federal undergraduate grants, military tuition assistance, veteran’s benefits, special aid programs, and employer tuition reimbursement. For more information visit Financial Aid on Campus; call Learner Support at 1.888.CAPELLA (227.3552), option 1; or email

Institutional Review Board (IRB) and the Compliance Office—Capella University is dedicated to safeguarding human research participants and promoting excellence in research through its commitment to ethical principles for the responsible conduct of research. Ensuring the highest standards of ethical conduct in research and the protection of the rights and welfare of human research participants is a shared responsibility between the Capella University research community and the IRB. The IRB and Compliance Office promotes compliance with applicable local, state, and federal regulations and fosters ethical research through education, IRB review, quality assurance and improvement initiatives,and compliance monitoring. For more information, email

Learner Accounts—The Learner Accounts team is responsible for ensuring accurate, timely billing of learner accounts for tuition and fees, employer reimbursement, and financial aid disbursements. For questions about statements or billing, call Learner Support at 1.888.CAPELLA (227.3552) or email

Library—Capella provides a full range of academic library resources and services in an online environment. The Capella University Library website, accessible on Campus, provides access to thousands of full-text articles, citations, abstracts, technical reports, and electronic books (e-books). Learners may also request books, copies of articles, and other resources from university libraries nationwide. In addition, Capella reference librarians are available to assist learners and faculty with research questions, help learners use library databases effectively, and teach learners to successfully navigate the library website. Learners may contact a reference librarian by calling 1.888.375.8221 or emailing

Military Support—Military Support services are available to Capella learners who are affiliated with the armed forces. Military Support team members assist learners who are experiencing an interruption in their program due to military obligations with military leave of absence requests and answer questions about military and veterans' benefits. For more information about the resources and support available to servicemembers, veterans, and their families, visit Military Support on Campus. Additionally, existing learners may contact Military Support directly at 1.888.227.9885. Other interested parties may contact Military Support at 1.888.227.2706.

New Learner Experience Team—Capella University’s New Learner Experience team provides support to new learners in adjusting to the Capella learning community and their degree program through the facilitation of the University Orientation Seminar. Learners may contact the New Learner Experience team by calling Learner Support at 1.888. CAPELLA (227.3552) or by visiting Campus.

Online Writing Center—To help learners improve their written communication skills, Capella offers a variety of writing resources, including writing courses, online tutoring, writing self-assessment tools, and writing guidelines and references. The Online Writing Center, accessible on Campus, also offers face-to-face writing instruction at residencies in school- and writing-focused sessions.