Master's $3K Capella Progress Reward

Capella Progress Reward - $3,000 Master’s Scholarship

Progressing in your degree takes hard work. We recognize your dedication by offering $3K toward tuition costs in your program. Capella Progress Rewards are scholarships for new students and are not need-based. FlexPath and certificate applicants are not eligible. Refer to Progress Reward details below for further information regarding student criteria eligibility.

Eligibility requirements

Student criteria

Must be a new student (or former student reapplying to the university) accepted into and enrolled in an eligible program in the GuidedPath learning format at Capella University in May, June or July 2021.*

Academic standards

Adhere to all applicable Capella University policies, including but not limited to academic standing (3.01.04 Academic Standing) and financial aid satisfactory academic progress (3.01.05 FASAP).

First course

Must successfully pass your first course upon first attempt. Returning students must pass first course taken upon readmission to Capella.

*FlexPath and certificate applicants are not eligible. Refer to Progress Reward details below for further information regarding student criteria eligibility.

How to apply

Step 1

Submit your Capella University admission application. Already applied? Skip this step.

Step 2

To start your program on May 10, June 7 or July 12, 2021, apply for the Capella Progress Reward before courses begin.

$3,000 Capella Progress Reward

Eligible programs

  • Master of Business Administration
  • Master of Health Administration
  • Master of Education
  • Master of Public Health
  • Master of Social Work
  • Master of Social Work Advanced Standing
  • MEd in Teaching and Learning
  • MS in Analytics
  • MS in Education
  • MS in Education Innovation & Technology
  • MS in Higher Education
  • MS in Human Resource Management
  • MS in Human Services
  • MS in Information Assurance & Cybersecurity
  • MS in Information Technology
  • MS in Nursing
  • MS in Psychology
  • MS in School Counseling

Capella Progress Reward details

The Capella Progress Reward can be applied only to an eligible master’s program in the GuidedPath learning format. The $3,000 will be applied to your Capella account during the third week of the quarter, disbursed equally over two consecutive quarters ($1,500 per quarter).

Start Date Date of First Disbursement
May or June 2021 April 2022
July 2021 July 2022
  • Recipients who do not remain enrolled through the first two weeks of the quarter will forfeit the award for that quarter.
  • Recipients who change to an ineligible program, graduate, discontinue or withdraw from Capella will have all future disbursements canceled.
  • In some circumstances, Capella quarterly tuition may be lower than a quarterly disbursement. In other cases, recipients may complete their programs before they receive all quarterly disbursements. Under no circumstances will recipients be eligible for cash payment or other compensation for the value of unused disbursements.
  • Recipients of this Capella Progress Reward are not eligible for other Capella grants, scholarships or discounts in excess of 15%, unless otherwise noted in the eligibility requirements of the additional applicable scholarship.
  • The Capella Progress Reward may decrease the amount of funding that can be offered from other sources, such as federal financial aid.
  • The Capella Progress Reward is intended to address the cost of attendance, including but not limited to tuition.**
  • To be considered a former student reapplying to the university, the student must not be currently enrolled in the university and meet one of the following criteria:
    • Graduate of a Capella certificate or a bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree program in the GuidedPath or FlexPath learning format.
    • Discontinued from the university for over four quarters.
    • Administratively withdrawn from the university.
    • Program of prior admittance to the university has been restaged or retired.
    • Applying to a program at a different degree level than program of prior admittance.
  • Capella University and its affiliates’ (Strayer University, Devmountain, Hackbright Academy and Strategic Education, Inc.) faculty and staff, their spouses, domestic partners and dependent children are not eligible for the Capella Progress Reward.

**Books, supplies and other fees apply. Travel expenses for residencies, practicum, etc., are not covered by the scholarship.

Call an enrollment counselor at 1.866.679.9682 to learn more about this Capella Progress Reward and explore Capella programs.

Please print this page for your records.

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